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Brinjal Crop

Crop Duration

160 -180 days

PH level



17°C -25°C



Soil Preperation

Before transplanting the soil should be well prepared by deep ploughing 4-5 times and levelled. When the field is well prepared and levelled, the beds of suitable size are made in the field before transplanting.


Brinjal is a hardy crop so it can be grown on different type of soils. As it is a long duration crop, it requires well drained fertile sandy loam soil which is best suited for its cultivation and gives good yield. For early crop light soil are good and for high yield clay loam, silt loam are suitable. For good growth pH of soil should be 5.5 to 6.6.

Land Preperation

For preparation of field, soil is ploughed 2-3 times with power tiller or through digging with spade. Planking is done during the last ploughing to make the soil bed friable for sowing and transplanting. Raised beds – 1 m wide, 4-5 m long and 30 cm above the soil are prepared.

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