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How to protect crops in Summer

The wall thermometer reads 38 degrees as you sweat even in a room ventilated by a ceiling fan. Try stepping out in a sun-scorched open space now. Not only would you sweat more, but would also probably start feeling thirstier. Your plants too feel much the same why, that is why it is important to protect Crops in Summer from the heat.
That little exposure to heat probably made you swoon and we hope that a glass of lemonade or sherbet is able to rejuvenate you. Now put yourself in the place of your plants. Braving the scorching sun all day in the summer heat. Do they look any fresher than you yourself are? 
Apparently not. They might have even started wilting! If plants could survive spells of drastic heat, the world would never have had even a single spell of drought in history. Like humans and other species, plants, too, are sensitive to heat. 
That shady mango tree out their might have the capacity to provide fruit and shelter to human beings, but it itself appears to be in need of something to protect it from the sun. 

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Let us take a look at how excessive exposure to heat affects your plants. High temperatures:

  1. Reduce the rate of photosynthesis, the process by which plants make their own food.
  2. Cause severe water loss resulting in the wilting of the plant.
  3. Lessen the moisture content in the soil.
  4. Curtail transpiration, which affects plant yield.
  5. Can cause root clumping, thereby affecting the plant’s ability to absorb water.

By now you are probably convinced that your plants too need to be protected from the heat. Let’s enumerate and explore ways and means by which we can protect Crops in Summer.
While the growing awareness about breakthroughs in the field of agriculture have set the agrarian market abuzz with a whole new range of innovations that can protect Crops in Summer. 
However, even as we would be discussing our range of specialties, let’s not forget the most natural and efficient way to protect Crops in Summer. Indeed, it is mulching, the all-time age-old formula of insulating crops against all sorts of climates and weather conditions and keeping them well-nourished through these.


Mulching is a timeless and sure-shot method of protecting crops against every possible natural or even man-made hazard. It entails covering the soil with mulch, which could either be organic or inorganic. 
Organic mulches include a layer of shredded leaves or wood, cut grass, manure, straw or stubble. A layer of mulch over the soil prevents evaporation thereby helping maintain the apt level of moisture, besides keeping the plant weed-free and well-nourished. This helps keep the soil cooler, which helps protect Crops in Summer.

Shade net 

As the term suggests, shade nets help to protect Crops in Summer from the ravages of the weather. A shade net forms a protective canopy over the crops when the sun’s heat becomes too unbearable for the crops. It keeps plants safe from harsh sunlight and regulates the temperature of their surroundings to proffer them a viable environment to grow.

Crop cover 

It works like an insurance cover for the green gold growing inside your fields and orchards. The only difference is that it protects your plants from the vagaries of the weather instead of waiting to compensate you till they get damaged. A crop cover conceals your plant from top to bottom. It is a viable option that could be used to its full potential when teamed with a mulch, to protect Crops from Summer and ensure crop health even in the most sweltering heat.

Plant cover 

Your plants need protection from the extreme heat. Plant covers can help you shelter those against the scorcher. These cover the entire plant and protect it against heat.

Tree cover 

The shadiest tree in your orchard, including that mango tree in the corner, might be sprawling enough to shelter a horde of humans underneath it, but by the looks of it, it is quite apparent that it would be able to give you a bigger and better harvest of mango only if you covered it with a plant cover this season.

A tree cover is a net-like structure that protects your trees from pests and natural disasters including the harsh summer sun. It is yet another viable innovation that helps horticulturists protect Crops from Summer.

These devices protect Crops from Summer by cutting down the direct exposure of the plant to the sunlight, which helps regulate the heat levels around the plant, keeping these at a tolerable level. 


If you think that we are going overboard with the descriptions, why don’t you try out these products for yourself! This stuff is far from fancy and is real, viable and an absolute necessity nowadays.

Your produce is precious. After all, you have laboured for hours to ensure a healthy and high yield of crop. It would only be judicious on your part to take all possible measures to protect your crop from weather-related damage.

These remedies will not just help protect Crops from Summer, but would also help ensure that you reap a cool harvest irrespective of the scorching heat. Remember that lemonade that you sipped when you swooned after stepping out in the heat? 

That probably came from one of your own trees. So, if you want to continue enjoying the same and reaping a rich harvest regardless of the heat, go cover it up and all your other plants and your prospective produce with these summer shields to protect Crops from Summer.

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