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Non-Woven Crop Protection Cover Manufacturer

Summers are becoming intense with each passing year, with global warming being accounted for the same. Therefore, it is time to turn up the heat on non-woven crop protection covers, a latest invention of protective farming. As farmers worldwide sweat bullets to find ways to protect their crops from the heat, every crop cover manufacturer across the globe is projecting his product as a viable solution to the farmers’ dilemma.
This year’s summer season is hotter than that of last year as has already been reported in the mainstream media. It is virtually hard to step out with a cap or an umbrella. While it’s not rare to see people huddled up under umbrellas in the rainy weather, those, who have to venture out in this sweltering heat, too can be seen sporting sunshades. 
Say what you may, but things are beginning to hot up for every crop cover manufacturer in India and abroad, considering farmers’ growing awareness for protective farming and the resultant increase in demand for crop covers.
A plant can feel the heat too, just like humans! While we have two hands to shelter ourselves and two legs to walk into a room, plants, which are living beings too, have no choice, but to stay rooted to the ground that they are growing in, in all kinds of weather.
Result? They wilt, suffer sunburn or die due to frost, get lodged by intense winds, heavy rains and hail, or even if they manage to survive these, they have to battle weeds and pests. The farmers incur heavy losses and probably plunge into depression.
But now no longer, thanks to the ingenuity and foresight of the agrarian scientists and the superb production, management and marketing skills of every crop cover manufacturer, farmers now have access to crop covers that protect crops of all kinds from heat, cold, rain, hail, winds, weeds and pests, ensuring a conducive growth environment for all plants.

What is a Crop Cover?

It is a canopy that covers the crops growing in the field, just like an umbrella, or to be specific, a lot better than that. While an umbrella only covers a part of the human body, a crop cover shields every part of the crop from all possible threats. 
It arrests the sunlight and the heat, ensuring that the plant gets just the amount of these that it needs to develop in a healthy manner. Considering the myriad benefits of the non-woven crop covers to the plants, every crop cover manufacturer across the globe is going all out to reach out to potential buyers by trying to incorporate some innovations in his product.

What material are crop cover made of?

The best crop covers available in India, and even abroad, are made of non-woven material and are, hence, called non-woven crop covers. The product is one of the latest innovations of protective farming. It’s UV-fiber variant is considered to be better than the synthetic ones, which are being regarded as a threat to the environment.

Benefits of using Non-Woven Crop Protection Cover:


  1. Protects crops from intense heat and cold weather conditions
  2. Regulates the amount of heat and sunlight needed by the plant
  3. Helps reduce evaporation of water from the soil and maintains its moisture content
  4. Protects plants from sunburn
  5. Prevents lodging caused by high velocity winds, intense rain and hail
  6. Protects plants from weeds and pests
  7. Helps maintain the quality of the produce
  8. Ensures a healthy and bountiful harvest for the farmer 

Non-Woven Crop Protection Cover Manufacturer

GROWiT India is one of the leading crop cover manufacturers of India. We produce world-class crop covers that insure your crop against the elements and ensure their well-rounded growth and proper market value, thereby helping you reap a rich financial harvest.
Our growth as a leading crop cover manufacturer of India has been monumental thanks to the richness of it, which are helping farmers across the nation overcome various agricultural challenges that they once considered insurmountable.
The unparalleled coordination between our management, research, production, and marketing teams ensures that not only does our product reach its target audience, but also delivers the best results.
In short, our understanding of and professional approach towards agriculture, farsightedness and hard work, evident from the uniqueness of our non-woven crop covers have helped us secure our own growth too as a foremost crop cover manufacturer.
The happy smiles on their faces and the rave reviews of our customers, who have used and benefitted from our non-woven crop covers, testify to our success as a crop cover manufacturer.
For more information and guidance on our non-woven crop covers Download Growit App.

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