There are no warranties which extend beyond the general product description for Growit Mulch sheet(GROW SERIES MULCH) as per SECTION 1.0

  • The warranty period starts from the date mentioned on the invoice of purchase and will be as per TABLE 1.0


The Products are covered by warranty for a period of months as per table 1.0 and in case if the Buyer is not using or applying the product as per recommended practice and in case of damage the product will not fall under warranty.

  • The warranty period shall start from the date of billing/Invoice
  • GROWIT INDIA PVT LTD GROW SERIES MULCH is resistant up to 160 KLy (kilo-Langley) and if the UV radiation detected is more than 160 KLy (kilo-Langley), product will not be covered under warranty.
  • No warranty shall be granted for incidents arising from unforeseeable circumstances or events of force majeure, or for replacements resulting from normal wear and tear to the material, deteriorations or accidents resulting from malicious or negligent acts, faulty installation, or use that is abnormal or does not comply with GROWIT INDIA PVT LTD.
  • In case material has been cut or damage due to any external impact like stone, sharp objects or any farming tools, product will not be covered under warranty.
  • GROWIT offers a warranty on only GROW quality mulch mentioned below and any other products offered by GROWIT INDIA PVT will not be entitled for any warranty/guarantee.
  • In case of damage while hole punching process either with machine/manually or any other mechanism, product will not be covered under any warranty.
  • All Grow Quality Mulch are resistant for 1500 PPM Sulphur, and 500 PPM Chlorine per year and in case of any damage caused due to extra Sulphur or Chlorine, product will not be covered under any warranty (refer the below table for Sulphur, Chlorine Resistant).
  • In case of return, proof of manufacturing defect (Examples: images/Videos) & outer covers along with invoice must be submitted.
  • In case of any false claims made without any substantial proof by Buyer in connection with Warranty will not be entitled for any warranty and shall have to compensate the company for any losses occurred to the company.
  • In case of any damage by animal, birds or insect attack, product will not be covered under warranty.
  • GrowiT mulch must be laid min after 10 days of applying any natural manure.
  • Drip pipes must be clean before laying GrowiT Mulch.
  • In any circumstances if drip cleaning is done after laying mulch with any acidic substance and due to that if any damages cause to mulch will not be covered under any guarantee/warranty.


 Sr.No  Product Name

 Warranty Period

Sulphur Resistance  Chlorine Resistance
 1  GROW 3  3 Months warranty  375 PPM  125 PPM
 2  GROW 6  6 Months warranty  750 PPM  250 PPM
 3  GROW 9  9 Months warranty  1125 PPM  375 PPM
 4  GROW 12 12 Months warranty  1500 PPM  500 PPM


Obligations of the Purchaser: The Purchaser must inform GROWIT INDIA PVT LTD in case of any manufacturing defects that it ascribes to the Product. Growit India Pvt Ltd inspection team will carry out inspections and identify the defect. Growit India Pvt Ltd has whole & sole right to decide that the product warranty has been honored or dishonored.


Assertion of claims under the warranty: In all cases where claims under it are asserted, the warranty shall be limited to the provision of a replacement product and shall exclude all other costs, charges, or indemnities. Products replaced free of charge shall be taken back by GROWIT INDIA PVT LTD and shall return to the latter’s exclusive ownership.



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