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Tag: crop cover

protective farming

Protective farming: GROWiT India’s watershed solution for saving water

Water is one of the most important elements required for the sustenance of all life on Earth. It caters to so many needs of so many species and is used for drinking, cooking, agriculture, and various other daily needs. The population…

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Crop cover

What is Crop Cover & Benefits of Crop over

What’s is crop cover ” What’s is crop cover and how is it related to my health insurance ” you look stunned! Well, that canopy-like thing over the crop growing on farmer Shepherd’s land is what is called a crop cover!…

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Crop Cover

How to protect crops in Summer

The wall thermometer reads 38 degrees as you sweat even in a room ventilated by a ceiling fan. Try stepping out in a sun-scorched open space now. Not only would you sweat more, but would also probably start feeling thirstier. Your…

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